Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sunshine was yesterday.

recently just wanted to blog again since sec 3? or maybe sec 4 i cannot really remember. Used to really blog about random things just simply for the sake of posting, but now maybe blogging is more to just waiting for people to comment or to attract attention.

I used to think to writing diaries is weird because since it is supposed to be a private thing, why not just keep in in your mind. But writing down actually makes you reminisce the entire experience, especially your thoughts and feelings. As we mature, or self-proclaimed maturing through age, you really need a place to let go of your feelings, as such, return to blogging.

Really miss secondary school days. JC life really sucks. Its not exactly the 'JC life' suck, but rather it is the growing up part, where you know you are already going to be 18 years old next year, and it doesn't seem so long ago when you are still playing with pokemon cards and thinking that cartoon tees are 'cool'. You begin to worry about results, NS, university, family and friends well-being and alot of other things. The people in school are all the same, all hate studying, hate growing up. But they are more disciplined. They know what to sacrifice and what to do. Its not easy. We are far past our happiest part of our life. what lies ahead is unthinkable.